Letters to the Editor

Clovis needs districts

Clovis is nearing the 100,000 population plateau. It is at a crossroads in making quality decisions to preserve the character of community, that people seek. The voters in Clovis need to push city government to change the general law.

Under current city legislation, five council members are elected at large. They do not represent any particular area. With designated districts, more focus can be given to inner-city neighborhoods that are being neglected. With a specific area to represent, council members can target specific problems in the neighborhoods.

Without this change, there is no vision or investment to improve the quality of life in these old neighborhoods. Current incumbents must realize there are many more issues than urban sprawl, special interest groups and Old Town. Also, residents would show more involvement in their city and turnout at the local polls would increase from the present 15% to 20%.

Jim Contrestano