Letters to the Editor

Uphold the law

Is it me or were others disgusted with the lack of respect for our laws and Constitution demonstrated by city officials in Mendota?

In response to recent raids by immigration officials, Mendota officials want to "take a political stance against the nationwide raids." Mayor Robert Silva says people are uncomfortable, afraid to leave their homes, walk and take their children to school. Council Member Joseph Riofrio requests a resolution against the raids, as well declaring Mendota a safe haven for "undocumented immigrants."

I'd like to remind Mayor Silva and Council Member Riofrio they swore to uphold the laws and Constitution of the United States when they accepted their positions. Their actions demonstrate their unwillingness to abide by that which they swore to.

Would Mayor Silva and Council Member Riofrio stand for not punishing lawbreakers such as murderers, rapists and drug dealers? I would hope not. Whether Mayor Silva and Council Member Riofrio agree or not, illegal immigrants are lawbreakers. There are laws for that offense which need to be enforced. These men need to remember the laws they swore to uphold.

Joshua Helm