Letters to the Editor

'Make a difference'

March 5-9 is National School Breakfast Week. Throughout the year school districts all over the country promote access to a healthy breakfast at school, learning readiness and healthy eating habits. My colleagues in the California School Nutrition Association (CSNA) are also participating in the more than $17 million made available by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger this year to purchase additional fruits and vegetables for our school breakfast program.

As a district, we offer fresh fruit and vegetables daily, utilizing locally grown produce as much as possible. Many schools, including Woodlake, have partnered with the Tulare County Office of Education in its Harvest of the Month program (www.harvestofthemonth.com), which features a specific fruit or vegetable monthly that the students learn about and taste-test.

As director of Food and Nutrition Services for Woodlake Schools, I am responsible for every child's nutrition each day they come to school. CSNA is also dedicated to the continuous improvement of school meal programs through legislation, education, customer service and fresh, healthy food choices.

But we can't do this alone, we need the support of parents. Contact your child's school today to learn more about school meals. Together we can make a difference in the prevention of childhood obesity.

Laura Bullene Jacobo