Letters to the Editor

'Moral issue'

Jay Ambrose's Feb. 22 column, "Moral nonsense on global warming," is without merit.

Mr. Ambrose pontificates that he knows "reputable" scientists who "are advancing alternative explanations for the chief cause of global warming." Nowhere does he give their names, nor state criteria for calling someone "reputable." Nor does he tell us what those alternative explanations are. Thus, the reader cannot make an independent assessment regarding either the accuracy or the truth of his pontifications. This is akin to President Bush's "trust me" regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq or uranium from Niger.

His statement, "a lack of growth today means vastly reduced resources in the years ahead" is ludicrous since growth consumes more resources, especially considering global population growth.

If Mr. Ambrose believes his own nonsense, he should move to southern Florida, or a low lying oceanic island, and build a home a foot or two above sea level, remaining there while global warming continues to raise sea level.

Global warming's moral issue is whether or not we in the developed nations have the right to continue ignoring the damage we do to peoples in less-developed nations as we do little or nothing to decrease our carbon dioxide emissions.

Robert Merrill