Letters to the Editor

'Unjust and wrong'

I am writing in response to the Feb. 27 article on the roundup of illegal immigrants in Mendota.

These people who were taken from their families were not a menace to society. They were not bank robbers or people on drugs, they were honest people trying to make a living. Why Mendota? Was it because it is a town with the majority of its population with a low social economic status that it would go unnoticed? Or could it be that because they don't speak English, they have no voice?

Yes, they are illegally here in this country, but they are here. They are the ones who work the jobs that no one else wants. They sort the vegetables, pick the fruit and prune the grape vines, in all weather conditions.

They do it for minimum wage and sometimes for less. Without this class of people, the produce consumers purchase at the store would cost more than it does.

I believe this was a bad way for the government to enforce the law. Tearing apart families is unjust and wrong. It makes me feel ashamed to call myself and American.

Veronica Carrillo