Letters to the Editor

'Corporate oligarchs'

Like Sisyphus, the Border Patrol's round-up of illegal aliens in Mendota was only the continuation of a never-ending, fruitless task. Next week the illegals will be back and Sisyphus' ceaseless toil will continue.

Corporate oligarchic avarice is responsible for this inane waste of tax money. The illegal alien problem is just another form of corporate outsourcing of American jobs; another form of government subsidization and corporate welfare. America has an illegal alien problem because Corporate America wants the "problem."

Of course, it is not a problem for the corporate oligarchs. In fact, it is a sweet deal. The corporates get their subservient cheap labor and the American taxpayer is burdened with additional medical and social welfare support.

American workers are the biggest losers in this scenario. In addition to more taxes and fewer jobs, U.S. workers are seeing a decline or stagnation in wages and an increase in the cost of health benefits. Meanwhile, corporate profits soar and the wealthiest get wealthier.

Thank you, Corporate America!

Rene Hernandez