Letters to the Editor

'Terrified of solar'

How about some clear thinking on radioactivity? Over the past 30 years, the money interests have methodically blurred the line on the reality of the dangers of radiation, with catch phrases like "background radiation" to suggest that there's nothing to fear from these nuclear power plants, even though they haven't found how to stop one speck of material from killing.

And there are thousands of tons waiting for a disposal solution that will never come.

The funny part of the argument is that the amount of land required for a security perimeter would hold enough photovoltaic cells to make the same amount of power and cost less to build with zero radiation, and we could use the land under the array for other things.

These monied interests will always find a way to rip us off unless we think about their motivation and stop them. They're terrified of solar. We should offer photovoltaic cells to Iran.

David Townsend