Letters to the Editor

'Difficult decisions'

In "Berlin Diary," William Shirer (European journalist from 1929-1940) comments on the status of the Dutch nation in January 1940:

"This morning we have ice-skating on the canals. The Dutch still lead the good life. The food they consume as to quantity and quality is fantastic. They dine and dance and go to church and skate on canals and tend to their business. And -- they are blind -- oh, so blind -- to the dangers that confront them. Ed (Murrow) and I have tried to do a little missionary work, but to no avail, I fear. The Dutch, like everyone else, want it both ways. They want peace and the comfortable life, but they won't make the sacrifices or even the hard decisions which might ensure their way of life in the long run."

Unfortunately, I fear this this may be America today -- afraid to make the difficult decisions to ensure our prolonged national safety.

Jon Schwabenland