Letters to the Editor

Fuel the debate

I appreciate the letter from Michael Becker (Feb. 24) advocating increased use of solar power to meet more local energy needs versus building and maintaining a nuclear power plant in Fresno. I think I am typical in my lack of comprehensive understanding of the subject. It would be a wonderful service to the community debate if The Bee would publish a thorough article to help citizens like myself make sense of all the facts and factoids out there.

For example, over a 50-year period, what would it cost to build and maintain a nuclear facility versus making solar power more affordable for homes, businesses and public buildings here (keeping in mind construction, legal fees, workers' compensation costs, salaries, storing wastes)?

Assuming that we will probably always need a variety of sources of power, how much of our energy needs could we meet with solar fuel versus nuclear? Which would really create more quality jobs for people in Fresno? How much of a difference can we make by enforcing conservation and energy efficient practices without drastic changes in quality of life?

I look forward to the results of unbiased research from our news media.

Andrea De Zubiria