Letters to the Editor

Lost their spines

My mom is going to hate this letter, but every day I have more and more in common with conservative Republicans. I have, as they say, lost all remnants of confidence in those spineless Democrats. Democrats, in the pockets of the big corporations, voting to send us to war, are making the nation and world worse off at every turn.

Exactly who then, is supposed to save us from the Republicans -- those housepets to corporations and oil companies, who vote for war, drooling over the possibility of sending the globe to hell in a handbasket, in the name of God, all to the highest bidder?

The Bush machine eliminated 90,000 eligible voters from the 2000 election, 90% of which were Democrat. This enormous figure never made it into the communist media here; American journalist Greg Palast had to publish it in two of England's most prestigious papers. The greatest violation of civil rights since segregation, and where were the spines of my favorite Democrats? Al Gore patted President Bush on the back in victory, and then Sens. John Kerry and Hillary Clinton voted to send us to war.

Don't blame me, I voted for Nader twice.

Joshua Schilling