Letters to the Editor

Multiple investigations

In the diversion of donor funds at California State University, Fresno, from academics to athletics, in order to know how long the diversion has gone on, how much is involved and who is responsible, it would be helpful to have an independent audit. Then the academic community and the general community will know what should be done.

Traditionally, the administration at Fresno State holds that the books of the foundation, a private corporation, cannot be opened to the public. But funds were mishandled once before and the books were opened so that the academic community and public could know what had been done. The amount in this case is far greater, perhaps more than a million dollars.

When a state corporation mishandles funds, the State Bureau of Corporations has an interest to investigate. This mishandling admittedly damaged academic departments, so the University Academic Senate has a role to play. That a state corporation should mishandle funds should be a matter for the attorney general.

For President John Welty to withhold information about this for so many years, still withhold it and at the same time speak of transparency as an ideal is an absurd contradiction, apparent cynicism.

Eugene Zumwalt