Letters to the Editor

'Should get the best'

I am a Canadian here visiting family, and part of a military family, including my late husband, that has served in both war and peacetime.

For two days in your paper I was both shocked and appalled when I read about the way your women and men of the military are being treated when shipped back to the United States for further treatment and have to stay at the Walter Reed Hospital, which once was considered the best for military personnel.

Isn't the Department of Veterans Affairs in charge of the upkeep of military hospitals and providing the best medical staff and equipment, and isn't it accountable to someone for doing this? After all, if these troops are good enough to serve for their country, then they should get the best care when wounded, wherever they may be, here or abroad.

Do the dependents the wives, husbands and children -- get any financial help when it is needed or a pension if there's loss of life? I am a widow and get my husband's pensions and medical benefits. His funeral was also covered.

My daily prayer is for the troops' safety and that they come back home to their loved ones and families.

Ursula Fedak