Letters to the Editor

Failing corporation

I have been watching and participating in our political process since the early '70s.

America has become one big corporation and our president is the CEO. Our elected leaders are the corporate officers and we, the people, are the employees. This corporation is hastily and steadily headed toward bankruptcy. Our corporate officers, with few exceptions, are showering us with numbers and words in an attempt to assure us employees all is well.

While our corporation sinks deeper in debt and forgives the debts of those who gained the most by participating in this corporation, i.e., tax cuts for the wealthy, we are leaving the blue-collar employees (middle class) to repay the debts of our failing corporation.

Watch as our CEO and many of our corporate officers retire (finish their term of office) much better off financially than when they took office, all while assuring the employees not to be concerned with open borders, deficit spending, trade deficits or an ill-conceived -- if not illegal -- war, that everything is fine.

Welcome to the United States of America, Inc. (formerly Enron).

Alfred J. Garrison