Letters to the Editor

Have a heart: Tip the pizza delivery people

My teenage daughter has made me proud of the fact that she has always held a job, even through her high school years. She understands the responsibilities of her bills, such as car insurance.

The other night during that big rain and hail storm, she called me crying and it just broke my heart. My daughter delivers pizza. Do you know how hard it is finding addresses in the rain and hail? She was soaked from head to toe after this night.

Out of 10 deliveries, only two houses gave her tips. Do these people even know how hard these teenagers and adults work trying to get their pizza there in a proficient, timely matter?

It opened my eyes, and I hope it will open many others who take these hard workers for granted. I say if you don't plan on tipping, then order a pizza for pick-up and go get it yourself. After all, a couple of bucks won't break you after spending $20 or $30. Their cars do run on gas, you know.

Tony Burts