Letters to the Editor

'It will cost you'

The freedom we enjoy in our United States has been paid for dearly by our forefathers. Freedom is not free! We must protect our freedom with our government officials, our military, the eyes and ears of our citizens.

Free speech is in need of protection also. Just as one cannot invade the home of another because there are individual rights, there are also limits to speech. It would be folly and criminal for a person to use "free speech" to curse and threaten another person. So it is criminal to use "free speech" as a cloak to curse and threaten our country. If we want to maintain our free country, we must not allow criminal elements to use "free speech" to destroy us.

Speech is a powerful weapon. We all know that. To allow people who do not love our country to club us to death with their mouths is not the "free speech" our soldiers and forefathers died for. Let's call "criminal" what is criminal and put to silence those who call for our destruction.

Let it be known if one's speech calls for the destruction of our country, it is not "free." It will cost you.

Norma J. Cummins