Letters to the Editor

It's real, it's scary

The obesity epidemic is real, it's scary and it's not going to stop unless we make changes in the way we live. That's why the Central Valley Health and Nutrition Collaborative (CVHNC) commends The Bee for the Feb. 22 article that highlighted Valley health leaders for their efforts in obesity prevention. The article captured the importance of collaboration in a much-needed effort to build healthier communities.

Our partners are saying "yes" to apples, broccoli, tennis and kick-boxing and shouting a loud "no" to pizza, cookies, TV and video games. After our Feb. 21 Meet Greet, the Fresno County Office of Education (FCOE) decided to order bread and meat trays, fresh fruit and water or juice in substitute of the normal pizza, cookies and soda for its Student Leadership Program.

I'd like to extend a big high-five to The Bee, CVHNC Partners and the FCOE because the obesity epidemic starts and stops with us; little changes make a big difference. It's time we all start making some changes and become the best selves we can be. I thank The Bee for taking a serious issue seriously.

L. Nichole Mosqueda

Nutrition Network Manager

Central Valley Nutrition Network

University California Cooperative Extension, Fresno