Letters to the Editor

'The state religion'

In his letter (Feb. 23) Jess Smith suggests that the religious right will do anything to destroy tolerance, diversity and freedom of religion. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is the Bible-believing people in this country who have championed freedom of religion for the last 400 years.

Has anyone been killed in this country because he did not become a follower of Jesus?

Today there are groups that think like Mr. Smith: the American Civil Liberties Union and activist judges who are purposely misinterpreting the Constitution in order to make the religion of atheism the state religion. They are trying to force the state and our public schools not to admit the existence of God. That is real intolerance!

What if a sovereign God who holds individuals and nations accountable for their actions does exist? Shouldn't we have the right to recognize him?

Donald Faul