Letters to the Editor

'A lousy investment'

As a Republican, I don't often find myself in agreement with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, but she is right on in her co-sponsorship of SB 355 to privatize Social Security.

I have been retired for almost 10 years and still have not gotten back all of the "investment" my employers and I have made in Social Security. Not to mention it has never yielded any interest on the dollars invested since I began contributions in 1953.

Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and a lousy investment. We should have the option to decline contributions and to invest privately. You'll notice many government workers, including legislators, do not contribute. "Duh!"

Call Sen. Feinstein today at (559) 485-7430 or (202) 224-3842 and voice support of SB 355.

Paul Volker