Letters to the Editor

Rethink roundabouts

Genevieve Peterson feels that roundabouts make sense. Perhaps one should examine this idea a bit further.

A look at the current intersections in Fresno seems to yield very little room to expand to a roundabout system. Parking lots and even businesses might have to be displaced. This would also be a somewhat expensive and inconvenient endeavor.

I have noticed at the roundabouts located at River Park and near the Chaffee Zoo at Belmont, Thorne and Golden State Boulevard have had problems with drivers not reading the yield signs -- who has the right of way?

It seems to me that European, Australian and New Zealand drivers have grown up with and been accustomed to roundabouts for quite some time. The idea of attempting to retrain Fresno drivers who doggedly and proudly hang on to their poor driving habits seems a bit farfetched.

James R. Stroup