Letters to the Editor

Kids not learning

We are in trouble. I was shocked to read in the editorial (Feb. 21), "Focus on the students," that the Fresno Unified School District's primary mission is improving test scores. I thought it was to educate the students.

I lay all the blame for this shift away from reading, writing and math at the feet of No Child Left Behind. No one cares about the individual student, it's all about a school's test scores. We are letting a man from Texas with no educational background, and a Congress equally to blame, dictate how we will run our schools. No one seems to care whether children are learning, and they are not. The only thing they learn is how to take a test.

We must let our Congress people know that this act needs to be amended so that a child is judged only on what he can do compared to last year and not how his scores fit into the school's total. Each school has turnover every year, so we are not really comparing anything at all.

We are in big trouble and it's time to straighten out the mess.

LaVonne Aldag