Letters to the Editor

'A greater danger'

It was a privilege to attend the lecture by Dr. Patrick Moore supporting development of nuclear energy and presenting a refreshing logical view about our environment. What reservations I had regarding uses of nuclear energy were not only addressed by Dr. Moore, but by the opposition as well.

Resorting to the equivalent of mass hysteria and antics expected to be used for a junior high school class prank, such as the release of sulphur bombs in the auditorium, heckling and general rudeness, did not further their cause. I can only wonder about their reaction if at a presentation they were giving to further their cause similar actions by protesters occurred.

Protest activities such as this, or demanding that a business not exercise its rights in court to proceed with litigation on a cause that is not to their liking, sets a dangerous precedent. Their actions convinced me that their mass hysteria presents a greater danger than that presented by the improved versions of nuclear energy. As a result of the presentation by Dr. Moore and the actions of the protesters present, I will be supporting exploration of uses of nuclear energy in Fresno.

Charles L. Krugman