Letters to the Editor

'Grieve for the future'

"Coalition": a combination or alliance. The media refer to the forces in Iraq as a coalition. This is a euphemism to shield the overwhelming forces of the United States -- approximately 140,000 U.S. troops compared to a total of 14,256 troops from 23 countries, many of whom are non-combatants; 5,024 scheduled to be withdrawn, leaving 9,232. That is not a "coalition."

"Insurgent": rising up against established authority. Since when were invading U.S. forces the established authority? These people are defending against a powerful force which has nearly succeeded in destroying an ancient civilization.

Anyone who seeks an end to this unjust invasion is called a traitor, unpatriotic, un-American. This itself is un-American. I deplore the situation we have gotten into. As a veteran of World War II, I see a vast difference between the two conflicts. I grieve for the future of America if this is the kind of leadership we can expect.

Bob D. Mugrdechian Sr.