Letters to the Editor

'Voluminous proof'

Jess Smith (letter Feb. 23) expresses a popular view these days. The idea is that Christianity didn't play a significant role in the forming of our country. The only explanation for such a view is either a lack of knowledge on the subject or refusal to believe the evidence.

Fortunately, we live in an era where information is literally a mouse click away. I suggest that those who believe this idea that Christianity wasn't foundational in forming this great country simply do some honest research on the Web. I won't offer any specific sites because I am fully convinced that any honest search will reveal the voluminous proof that Christianity was undeniably intertwined with the Founding Fathers and this country's birth.

Unfortunately, I am also convinced that some people will stubbornly refuse to believe the facts. This is even more sad than ignorance of the facts. But either case is an option in a truly free country. God bless America!

Tim Spangler