Letters to the Editor

'Don't miss this'

We were so happy to see you highlighting "Blossoms Up III: Fiona's Revenge" at the Reedley Opera House now through March 11. It is a wonderful show!

Mark Norwood, a Valley treasure, is the writer and acts the part of Cob Grinwell, the emcee for the ersatz show "Mr. Excitement," in a campy, smarmy style that is hilarious. Matt Wiebe and Steve Jones, veterans of the River City Theatre Co., play the Feastyoureyes sisters and bring down the house with their singing, costumes, quick ripostes and facial expressions.

The supporting cast, including many talented youngsters, is well-rehearsed and acts as a great foil to the main actors. The music is upbeat, you can purchase coffee and dessert during intermission, and the Opera House itself is beautifully renovated. If you want to take a break from the stress of life and enjoy a fun evening or afternoon, don't miss this special occasion.

Gary and Elizabeth Barsoom