Letters to the Editor

'A precious idea'

Cal Thomas ends his column (Feb. 21) hoping the politicians don't let future elections affect their vote. Where in the world does he think he lives?

Our representatives are supposed to listen to their constituencies after they're elected. Nothing in the Constitution says to blindly follow our leaders. Nothing says you can't change your own mind later and withdraw support.

Free speech allows us to speak out any time we feel compelled to do so, in particular without regard to the fact that we may have a completely different or even unpopular point of view. What's unpopular today is often popular tomorrow.

Nothing in the Constitution says our politicians are supposed to be right. They're supposed to serve us, not the other way around. Of the people, by the people, for the people means that the electorate ultimately decides what's right or wrong.

Representative government means we're able to oppose our leaders legally and non-violently. It's a precious idea that prevents excess in either direction.

Mr. Thomas wants us to ignore our hard won rights and blindly follow the king. How un-American!

David Remus