Letters to the Editor

Heartfelt welcome to Fresno for county islanders

The city of Fresno is making plans to absorb its county islands. Hooray! Took them long enough! Why should a select few, inside the city boundaries, not have to abide by city ordinances the way the rest of us landlubbers have to?

I mean those ordinances that make us haul our trash cans out of sight, take down perfectly good, new tarps with poles that were purchased to protect our vehicles from Fresno's winter cold and summer heat; ordinances that make sure we put nothing in the front or back yards less than five feet from our neighbors' fences. Goodbye above-ground pool purchased to help beat the summer heat and save energy.

I welcome county islanders to city life! Goodbye to peaceful island ways. Just like the rest of us city dwellers, they get no voice in the decision.

Paula York