Letters to the Editor

Waterston's OK

Bill McEwen's column on Feb. 11 "Waterston needs to admit his mistake" struck a sour chord to say the least. I do not feel that by trying to bash Supervisor Bob Waterston that the columnist showed any professionalism.

Being a state-licensed pool contractor, Supervisor Waterston is no different than any other businessman who has deadlines to meet. Frustration comes with the territory. He was regretful for his outburst. Ever try calling an elected official? It takes weeks, if not months, to get a response.

Supervisor Waterston has not been given enough credit for his accomplishments, which are endless -- 29-year veteran of the Fresno Fire Department, 23 years state-certified paramedic, 28 different committees (Fresno County boards and commissions). The list goes on and on. Along with being a devoted son, husband and father to nine, he is a terrific friend to all who know him.

Pauline Soto