Letters to the Editor

'Stop saber-rattling'

Victor Davis Hanson's Feb. 18 opinion piece was even more annoying than usual. He starts by declaring, "We all know the Iranian M.O. -- nuclear proliferation ... " What? Iran has no nuclear weapons whatsoever. However, who could blame Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for wanting one or two as a deterrent, when Israel, a nearby unfriendly neighbor, has 200-300 nuclear warheads.

We have no room to complain about Iran developing one, when we have more than 6,000 of these horrible weapons, as well as enormous supplies of chemical and biological weaponry.

Dr. Hanson writes, "We should not yet bomb Iran, and it should not get the bomb. Yet the former forbearance could well ensure the latter reality." Is he saying, then, that if we don't bomb Iran, it will probably get a nuclear weapon? Ridiculous!

He says we know that Iran has been supplying sophisticated roadside bombs to blow up Americans. Gen. Peter Pace says that is untrue. Dr. Hanson says the U.S. must stabilize Iraq and Afghanistan, a goal that is not within our power to achieve.

If people like Dr. Hanson would stop saber-rattling, and start working for peace and understanding, the world would be a better place.

Betty Ramos