Letters to the Editor

'Freedoms we can afford'

I couldn't agree more with Jack Wheeler (letter Feb. 19) when he wrote, "What a sad society we now live in."

I was interested in his assessment of the $13-plus million donation by the Chukchansi tribe to the county of Madera. A "bribe?"

When Americans own a piece of ground and wish to develop it into something to benefit everyone, including the government, and the government says, "You can't do that without giving us lots of money first," that's not called a bribe, it's called extortion! So which is it? Bribe or extortion?

What Jack Wheeler and far too many Americans are missing is the fact that we are allowed only the freedoms we can afford. Al Capone is alive and well and firmly in place as a "lawmaker" and that's sad.

J.R. Froelich