Letters to the Editor

Let farmers go back to smudge pots for freeze

I have been following the plight of all the various people and businesses impacted by the freeze damage to our Valley fruit crop. After watching the farmers' attempts to raise temperatures by burning some type of recycled trimmings, I thought back to the days when the growers used smudge pots, a much more effective method of raising temperatures in fruit groves during a freeze period.

This method was outlawed by our representatives in the name of improving our air quality, without real discussion of the true financial impact, as witnessed recently: billions in lost fruit, how many millions in lost wages from farm labor and other downstream workers, and how many millions in aid to out-of-work farm laborers.

I refuse to believe that allowing the farmers to use smudge pots for the short duration of the last freeze would result in the massive losses we are now dealing with. This is farming country. Support our farmers, don't place more and more restrictions on them under the false pretense of improving air quality.

Darrell Bain