Letters to the Editor

'Save the People'

On Tuesday, the City Council will act to impose a regressive increase in utility rates. I believe an alternate solution should be considered. We used Measure Z to "Save the Zoo." How about Measure P to "Save the People"?

Have the council put on the next ballot a measure to increase the sales tax within the city limits by one-tenth of 1%. If the people approve, it will cost you one dime for every $100 spent.

Measure Z is providing the zoo with about $12 million a year!

Measure P would produce perhaps $7 million for the Utilities Division, putting it in excellent shape for the foreseeable future, so much so that rates might actually be reduced rather than raised.

What about 2007, you say? Simple -- reduce the salaries of all council members to $35,000 per year -- still a bit high for part-time people, but let's not quibble. At the same time, replace council members' staffs, along with their chiefs, with a competent secretary -- and there you have it.

Think this is a good idea? Call your council member and send your protest letter, if you haven't already done so.

Leonard E. Goldberg