Letters to the Editor

No sense of decency

I am the attorney who had the privilege of being able to assist a very fine man through a very troubling episode in his otherwise good life.

John Eleazarian has, for years, been a highly respected and capable attorney who, because of severe depression and attendant mental incapacity, made a serious mistake (criminal in nature), for which he ultimately accepted responsibility for his actions and entered a guilty plea.

I encountered your "Thumbs Down" observation on Feb. 17, and I am simply wondering who on your editorial staff saw fit, obviously knowing nothing of the circumstances of this man's life, to essentially kick him now that he is down. I frankly do not know The Bee to poke fun, so to speak, at a person who is ill, either physically or mentally. The commentary reflected in your recent editorial, however, is irresponsible and lacks any sense of human decency.

Roger T. Nuttall