Letters to the Editor

Time to add jaywalkers to crackdown targets

Fresno city and county police are doing a great job cracking down on drivers, handing out tickets for speeding, running red lights, DUI, reckless drivers and school zones, but when are they going to start cracking down on jaywalkers? High schoolers and young teens walking against the light have really gotten out of control.

Jaywalkers have no consideration for drivers; they take their time in the crosswalk and play around while you're sitting there waiting for them to pass as they look at you in your car with a smile on their face. I have even had to blow my horn at a group of kids playing in the crosswalk and one looked at me giving me a middle finger.

Fresno city and county law enforcement officers should keep up the great work, but while they're out there looking for bad drivers, watch out for the jaywalkers as well. Jaywalking is on the rise as well in Fresno County.

Ann Halliman