Letters to the Editor

'The solar capital'

A businessman, John Hutson, is bringing in a marine biologist and ecological turncoat, Patrick Moore, to lecture us on how nuclear power will end poverty, crime and asthma in Fresno. Are you serious?

I implore Mr. Hutson and the other backers of a Fresno nuke plant to shift their focus. Use their influence to do something truly beneficial for the environment and public health, something with no potentially catastrophic consequences, something that will bring Fresnans a real measure of economic independence, and something for which they will win universal and lasting recognition.

Work with the city to bring a public-private solar panel construction facility to Fresno. Think Measure S for solar. Provide the panels at below cost, and cover every roof of every house, apartment building, school and business in Fresno with solar panels.

Sell the excess power to help defray the costs. Make Fresno the solar capital of the world, not the butt of endless Simpsons jokes. Why, even us eco-radicals would love them for it!

Michael Becker