Letters to the Editor

Soldiers 'left behind'

Our wounded soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan are being left behind, treated like homeowners post-Katrina -- receiving as little as possible in a system so twisted that only the most vocal and patient ever hope to receive what they are entitled to. Why would anyone enlist to serve if they cannot be sure that they will be medically cared for if severely injured in the line of duty?

I'm sick of all the armchair patriots ready to send someone else's family members as cannon fodder for President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney's misadventures in Iraq without a thought about the responsibility to those who serve when they return.

After the recent exposé in the Washington Post, "Soldiers face neglect, frustration at Army's top medical facility," the Republican party was more interested in speculation about what medical care will be like under Hillary Clinton than the travesty their elected idols have perpetrated on the troops.

Donna Post