Letters to the Editor

'Sticking to the spin'

In response to the letters harping on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's use of a larger plane to take her to California: I wish people would learn the facts before they gripe about a Democrat in high office. I think a lot of people take in everything that comes out of Fox News or the right-wing talk show hosts that attached themselves to a certain subject and spin the facts to make any Democrat look bad.

The facts are that the Pentagon advised that Rep. Pelosi use a larger plane because she needed nonstop transportation to California and only a larger plane is feasible.

The last speaker, Dennis Hastert, lived only 1,000 miles from Washington, D.C., and a small commuter plane was appropriate for that distance. I, too, was a little upset at first when I heard of a large plane to be used, but when I learned of the reasons why a larger plane was needed for Rep. Pelosi, I was satisfied with it. Please get the facts before sticking to the spin given by Fox News or right-wing talk show hosts.

Robert Rey