Letters to the Editor

'A matter of time'

It was just a matter of time before KFPT owners found a way to dump its progressive format for another. I'll bet it's not because the station wasn't capable of earning money, as much as that the current owners don't have the passion to make the station successful. I understand ownership has its privileges, so this is no rip on them. If a broadcaster has a conservative bent, then they're not likely to portray themselves as progressive.

Is there a market for progressive talk radio in the Valley? I think so, if you listen to the former program manager at KFPT. He'll tell you he'd never worked at a more robust station where listeners would call and write expressing their support and zeal for the station -- ready to support advertisers.

Broadcasters thinking of assuming a progressive format here can place billboards throughout the city and promote themselves and aggressively seek advertisers, and they will certainly make money. Fresno progressive radio has potential to succeed; its current owners simply don't want to.

Congress will resurrect the Fairness Doctrine, because this is happening all across America and people now understand why.

Stephen Tarr