Letters to the Editor

A genuine hero

The term "hero" is often thrown about too freely these days. However, after reading the article on 2nd Lt. Mark Jennings Daily that appeared in your newspaper , I can think of no more appropriate label for him.

No sane person wants war or the destruction and death that accompany it. It would be much better for the world if all humans made positive, peaceful choices. Unfortunately, as the Kurdish man quoted in the article indicated, the insurgents in Iraq "are paid to take life -- to murder." They are the cause for the current turmoil in Iraq, not U.S. policy or our military.

What many in our country fail to remember, but what the Kurdish man understands, is that our soldiers are paid to ultimately save lives. The travesty of war is that usually we must take lives, and sacrifice the lives of American soldiers, in order to secure the lives of even more people in Iraq, the U.S. and around the world. Obviously, Lt. Daily understood this truth. I hope others will gain the insight that Lt. Daily had.

Chris Fiorentino