Letters to the Editor

'Best and brightest'

I commend The Bee for its detailed coverage of the recent high school academic decathlon. As a teacher, I realize that this type of large-scale recognition goes a long way toward inspiring our students to become involved with such positive endeavors.

I would also implore you to consider awarding a similar degree of coverage to another less heralded, yet equally impressive, academic competition: mock trial. As coach of the Clovis High School team, I have been consistently disappointed by the lack of attention that this event receives from The Bee.

Each year, I hear Superior Court judges remark that our students could likely compete with many of the professional attorneys they encounter daily. I also hear from judges who say that they enjoy being a part of this activity because it restores their faith in humanity. Since their job forces them to regularly encounter the bad that exists in the world, they say it is refreshing to focus on the good for a change.

I hope The Bee will continue to recognize the Valley's best and brightest by finally creating a worthy profile of the upcoming Fresno County Mock Trial Championships.

Andrew Dominguez