Letters to the Editor

'Really want to help?'

Two stories in the Feb. 18 Bee speak volumes about politicians in Washington.

On the front page was the lead story about posturing senators of both political parties arguing over whether to vote on a symbolic resolution to rebuke President Bush over his conduct of the Iraq war. Both sides claimed they were fully in support of the troops, whatever the merits of the war.

On page A3 was a reprinted Washington Post story headlined "Troops face neglect, frustration at Army's top hospital." The story revealed the nation's supposed "crown jewel" medical facility, the famed but aging Walter Reed Hospital, is plagued with bad smells, mice droppings, dead cockroaches, stained carpets, cheap mattresses and bureaucratic bumbling. The Post found frustration among soldiers at the hospital, many with brain injuries, severed arms or legs and post-traumatic stress syndrome, is palpable, with their families living at near poverty levels.

May I suggest if our senators really want to help the troops they start by getting injured veterans decent medical care and providing spouses and children enough to live on?

Lloyd Carter