Letters to the Editor

'The only heroes'

Liberal or conservative, all agree this is a great country. It's great because we have universally understood political agreements. We communally believe in the rule of law, including judicial review and congressional oversight.

Why then is there no Republican or conservative opposition to official government programs such as "rendition," or secretly spying on citizens, or deconstructing habeas corpus, a basic human right since the Magna Carta? The absence of any condemnation to these radical ideas by so-called "conservatives" such as Rush Limbaugh or any Republican politician is absolutely mystifying.

Such presidential abuse of power and repeated assaults on our constitutional liberty should have raised the ire of these watchdogs. Instead there is abandonment plus institutional pandering; a woozy kind of acquiescence to the direct threat by this presidential regime to the ideals that made this country great.

Commercials and re-election concerns might have something to do with it, pardon the cynicism. The only heroes are our soldiers fighting to defend democratic principles never threatened by Iraq.

Patrick McDonnell