Letters to the Editor

No glory in the morning

Glorious Sierra mornings have recently been besmirched by a plume of smudge emanating from the cogeneration plant on the north edge of Dinuba.

I have been told that drift of vapor and smoke is benign compared to the burning of all that material in the open air. Nonetheless, it is ruining my view of glorious Sierra mornings. So for whom is it benign? Where does all that fuel originate?

In the past it was hauled in from hundreds of miles away. Is it still? If so, it is to our visual and air quality detriment to burn it here. An account some years ago by an official at a similar cogeneration plant south of Porterville lamented that with his training in forestry he was reduced to combing the dumps of Southern California for fuel to power his plant.

Whatever happened to the notion that our local area cogeneration plants would be fueled by agricultural waste and leftovers from the forest products industry? The added air pollution from hauling in waste from far away and then burning it is not helping our air quality.

What can we do for a plume-free glorious Sierra morning?

Richard E. Kangas