Letters to the Editor

'More unity'

Americans are divided because we are not provided credible information on the issues and are left to merely back our ideological tendencies. For example, I was pleased that President Bush didn't respond to the global warming apocalyptic hysteria, as I remember when "scientific experts" tried to convince us that America was going to freeze over.

On Iraq, we all hate war, but there are times we must take defensive action. America looked helpless when not reacting after the first World Trade Center attack of 1993, the Somalia debacle where our valiant troops were dragged through the streets, embassy bombings, U.S.S. Cole. Not responding is a failed policy and only emboldened Muslim terrorists to follow through with the 9/11 disaster.

Americans could benefit greatly if we were better informed. Watching our representatives in Washington discuss the issues is unproductive, as they examine the issues through the prism of their ideologies and just end up bickering. I think it would be a step in the right direction if well-qualified experts would have nationally televised debates on the most pressing issues. These debates could lead to more unity and civil discourse on the issues.

Shirley Folland