Letters to the Editor

'Worst kind of flummery'

To Joel Smith and Susan Crumb writing about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's use of a particular airplane to shuttle to-and-from Washington, D.C., and her home district in San Francisco, I have this to say: Were they paying complete attention to the entire story?

They apparently overlooked the fact that it was the (nonpartisan) House Sergeant-At-Arms (who, it so happens, is responsible for the security of the members of the House) who ordered a larger plane for Ms. Pelosi in order that she might make those cross-country flights without the need for a refueling stop -- a security measure put in place by the same sergeant-at-arms, post-9/11, for then speakers of the House (who are, remember, second in presidential succession).

As intelligent, educated Americans, it is incumbent upon us to ensure we are cognizant of all the relevant facts before committing ourselves to otherwise egregious opinions based solely upon what might, on further inspection, turn out to be insufficient information. And those individuals who rely, for their news, on single-source media outlets are, sadly, guilty of the worst kind of flummery.

Vicky Shoquist