Letters to the Editor

Dixie Chicks still inspiring a spirited debate

'Shame on the voters'

Is it just coincidence that the Dixie Chicks won multiple Grammy Awards in a year when they held their heads high as they stuck to their public bashing of President Bush? I think not.

Shame on the voters who rewarded the Chicks because of their political views instead of their musical abilities. There is a reason that they have been deservedly shunned by many. Recording artists and actors need to keep their political opinions to themselves and just perform.

I wonder why Toby Keith or Ted Nugent were not asked to perform at Sunday night's show?

Paul J. Enos

Los Banos

'Politics of hate and division'

Congratulations to the Dixie Chicks for winning five Grammys. I am proud that there are still courageous Americans who are willing to defy authoritarian bullies who cannot tolerate any criticism of a president who has yet to admit making any mistakes.

I still run across those who feel deep anger toward the Chicks for merely making one comment against President Bush as he ramped up the lies that led to the war he is responsible for starting and losing. There are those who say that we should respect the presidency, yet many of those who make this argument had the worst things to say about Bill Clinton. What I can't figure out (help me out, Republicans) is why so many haters are still fixated on the Chicks.

This is clearly a case of misplaced anger. If Republicans could rise above bullying people and provide sound leadership at home and success abroad, they would have some room to talk. The Dixie Chicks' talent, courage and beauty have trumped the politics of hate and division.

Curtis T. Wilson