Letters to the Editor

'Crying towel'

Fresno County Supervisor Bob Waterston's crying towel has had quite a soaking as of late, particularly after his badgering of Nick Yovino. While he was busy with his door that might swing both ways, I could not help but wonder if he ever thought of that while hashing out the rural garbage/recycling program?

It seems his pool company was standing too close and got the blame for the bad use of words. I think maybe it was a recent advertising scheme that took place in our local neighborhood. Twice in one week, we received door hanger-type advertisements from Pools by Waterston that were placed in our mailboxes, so maybe it was the unexpected bill from the postal service that triggered the need to rush the pool job?

Either way, and much too often, Supervisor Waterston has spent too much time being reactionary due to bad decisions. He must learn not to talk with his mouth open.

Ron Shipman