Letters to the Editor

'Remember this incident'

I commend Bill McEwen for writing his column regarding Fresno County Supervisor Bob Waterston's attempt to intimidate Nick Yovino to expedite a permit for a swimming pool. This is just an example of Mr. Waterston's continuing arrogant and pompous attitude, which he demonstrated even when he was employed by the Fresno City Fire Department.

If a civil service employee attempted to use his position in this manner, or make the implied threat that he did, he would be terminated. One of Mr. Waterston's options identified by Mr. McEwen was for Mr. Waterston to apologize. This will never happen. Mr. Waterston doesn't have that word in his vocabulary, nor will his inflated ego allow him to do so.

I support Mr. McEwen's recommendation for his colleagues to remove Mr. Waterston as chairman. I also hope that the voters remember this incident the next time Mr. Waterston's name appears on a ballot.

Richard Owen