Letters to the Editor

Aesthetics compromised

The recent controversy regarding the removal of 16 trees in the Tower District, a partnership between the mayor's office and the head of the Tower Marketing Committee, was addressed in an article on Jan. 31.

A project such as this takes time to obtain funding and implement. I was never consulted on this matter, which was carried out without my knowledge. Had anyone taken the time to consult me, I would have gladly informed them that I had already implemented a plan to provide appropriate care for these trees, and the sidewalks that are affected by them.

Several years ago, I enlisted the aid of the assistant public works director, a representative of Tree Fresno, a licensed arborist and a member of the Tower District Review Committee. Together we inspected every tree in the Tower District and removed only the trees that were dead or diseased, as per city policy. The remaining trees received a clean bill of health.

If the appropriate collaboration had taken place, the taxpayers would not have to be penalized for duplicating services, and the aesthetic integrity so fiercely protected in the Tower District would not have been compromised.

Thomas M. Boyajian

Former Fresno City Council Member

District 1