Letters to the Editor

'Paying attention'

Responding to letters written Feb. 13 regarding the new school board's direction, where do these people receive their information? Maybe it was from The Bee or from people who are upset their candidates were not elected.

I attended the meeting and don't understand why the new board members were not interviewed for your article. Out of five board members who were not new on the board, only two voted against the agenda, which was to take a hiatus from dealings with a group trying to reform school boards.

Curious about this group, I looked them up online and I could see why this new board voted the way it did. I did not feel this was about our children's needs. Board Member Cal Johnson pointed out that the information they teach is geared to Texas. I found a mission statement online: "The Mission of the Texas Institute for School Boards is to improve the governance and leadership for reform of Texas urban school boards."

I feel the past school boards have not watched the California laws closely enough; I praise Board President Carol Mills and the board members for paying attention and not wasting taxpayers' money. Keep up the great work!

Carrie Zulewski