Letters to the Editor

Postal carriers could use a little understanding

I am a letter carrier. I have been doing this job for about four years. Could somebody out there please tell me how I'm suppose to deliver your mail dry, while it's pouring rain and I'm soaking wet? We walk around the block with both hands and our satchels full of mail. I guess we could wear those hats with the umbrellas on top. So far that isn't postal-approved.

We walk all day. We're human; we perspire. If your house is the last delivery on the block, your mail is probably going to be a little wet -- especially when its 110 degrees outside. I bet if we stopped delivery when it rained, then people would complain that we won't go out in the rain. It is a lose-lose situation.

We deliver thousands of pieces of mail every day, and if a mistake is made, we're sorry, but we're only human. Some of us work 10- to 12-hour days, six days a week, because the postal service would rather pay overtime than hire new employees. We get tired and make mistakes. And for those who have good things to say, thank you! It matters more than you think.

Chris Raborn